Ars Longa Vita Brevis

The above quote actually originates from an aphorism by the father of medicine, Hippocrates. It means Art is long, life is short. Hippocrates used it to remind medical students that “It takes a long time to acquire and perfect one’s expertise and one has but a short time in which to do it”

As a Java developer, I often see job adverts from companies and hiring firms. Usually they will have a long description of the company, what it does, what it expects of you and most importantly, the skills that the company is looking for in a candidate. Usually…


Have you ever been excited for a new job and then realised you’d messed up once you joined? Maybe you have, if not, I welcome you to read this to learn how to avoid it. If you have been in those shoes then read along too and share your experience in the comments, I’d love to read them.

Imagine you’ve joined an exciting new organisation as a Senior developer. It’s not your first time in that role but it is your first time in a “fast-paced” environment. …


I’ve worked in five different organisations in different capacities. Sometimes I worked in uncoordinated setups where everyone handled their own projects and at other times I worked in setups where everything was team-based. Based on my experience working in teams, I would like to share the following tips for being a great team leader.

The qualities that I have appreciated the most in a team leader are:

1. Constructive Criticism

Elon Musk once said, “It is important to actively seek negative feedback.” Nobody likes to be criticised but it is important to be able to give and take criticism well. …

This is not meant to be a guide or even an educational article, rather it is meant to be an exercise in imagination. This is just an idea that I have, based on observed trends in the world and some creativity on my part. This is not to say that this is science fiction, but rather, something with a very real possibility of happening, sooner rather than later.

Where it all began

Since personal computers were first introduced in 1981, digitisation of data began in small and medium enterprises. This is also arguably when the advent of office automation began. …

Joe Seff

Writer | Software Engineer | Aspiring Machine Learning Engineer

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